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    Liu Haizhong's shoulder-shoulder hair, the length of the shoulder-length mid-length hair hair tail will unconsciously sway, Liu Hai also do the middle and out of the war, get rid of the dull feeling more vitality.


    The mid-length hair is fresh and sweet, and the suitable Liu Haicai is more age-reducing. The girl with round face and goose face can try this comma bangs and bend to the side to be sweeter and more beautiful.


    Fashion hair style

    The hair is divided into two parts, braided into three strands, and then braided with the braided hair to form a corolla.


    This fishtail braid is very suitable for more gorgeous dresses. The hair is combed low, and the fishtail is braided in the tail part. If the hair is not enough, you can choose a wig with a hair color similar to your own color to make a fishtail, and then put the scorpion. Pull loose and fix it.


    If you have long hair, try this fishbone haircut and use a roll to hold some rolls at the end of the hair.


    First, the hair extensions is divided into two points from the middle, and then the hair is braided into three opposites, and the large tail is fixed at the bottom of the scorpion to form a low hair.


    Finally, introduce the most common hairstyle of an annual meeting, then tie the hair into a ball head. But the hair's hair ends are braided into 3 strands and then coiled into pellets. It doesn't look so rigid, you can wear a wild dress.

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